eOS 5.0 has arrived

The beginning of StarLight.
Train your robot to stay in- or out certain zones and multi zone possibilities. 

eOS has been released, what a feast! 
With the release of our new OS we immedialitely introduce StarLight. StarLight is the way you can train your robot to do whatever you want from it. 

With the first StarLight tool you can draw zones in your garden where Willow needs to stay in, out or where she needs to cross to another zone. Yes you've read that right, multi-zone will become a possiblity if you have a stone floor in between grass zones. 

And there are more advancements is eOS 5.0 that make your Willow work even better in your yard!

Our Willow Masters about 5.0:
"Yesterday willow mowed zone 1, today she crossed and started mowing zone 2 for 8 hours then retuned home crossing back to zone one and docking"

"Docking works very well since the update. Also reduced mowing time from 10.5 hours to 7 hours. Thanks to the team"

"Willow has been mowing all week by herself, as mentioned before I managed to get a really good walk map with 3 zones just before the 5.0 update then using the sat map I updated the passages and charger position, and since Willow is by herself, this morning she just finished zone 1 and crossed over to zone 2 and is happy mowing"

Get to know StarLight

Draw zones and test it out

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