Invest in a sustainable future.

The world's first affordable personal robot.

Autonomous navigation. Intelligent, no perimeter wire needed.

Obstacle avoidance. Easy, comfortable & safe.

Multifunctional. Mowing, security & entertainment.

A Purpose Driven Company

Why? Radically redesign the global supply chain, to take the cost of people and planet into account.

How? By pushing the edge of technology to make the best personal robots.

What? Personal Robots and Robot Platforms, Personal Robot Shops, Tools and Services.

About EEVE

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We are on the brink of a breakthrough in 'personal robots' and with EEVE we are perfectly positioned to play an important role in that. Our mission is to disrupt the global supply chain by developing personal robots in a fully sustainable way and producing them hyper-locally.


At EEVE we are all about the community, a community of customers and a community of investors. 


Discover the various ways of joining our community of investors:


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We are often asked "How can I invest in EEVE?". That is a first reason why we are opening up different opportunities for members of our community around the world to join our mission to expedite the transition to a sustainable world through robots.

Also, we are developing and implementing state-of-the art technology in our robots. That includes artificial intelligence, SLAM, and sophisticated 3D printing. This requires investments that will pay of over a longer period of time. We prefer working with our community of customers and fans to fund our growth, just like we develop our product together with them.

The WinWinner campaign is mainly focussed on Belgian investors, there are two formulas:

  1. WinWin loan: Favorable conditions guaranteed by the Flemish Governmen - only for private people residing in Flanders
  2. Crowdfunding: Standard loan open to private investors and companies in Belgium. Investors from other countries can contact us directly to discuss possibilities.

Crownlending is the ideal way to give everyone the chance to get involved in a growing business. This type of loan is a win-win for both parties. The company can grow thanks to the borrowed money of the individual. The latter receives a nice percentage on the borrowed money that would otherwise just sit idle in a savings account. The Belgian company, WinWinner, guides both parties in this process.

It is a trend that has been gaining momentum recently and, in our view, a logical step. So investing in growing companies is back for everyone!

More info on WinWinner and crowdlending: crowdlending

This is possible from as little as €500 for crowdlending, and as of € 2500 for a WinWin loan in collaboration with VLAIO.

14 July our campaign goes live on WinWinner. At that moment you can subscribe to the loan. 
We will keep you informed by email as soon as we start. 

Register easily via this form for the WinWinner campaign so that you can be kept informed and don't miss out: Register here

No. Pre-registration gives you priority access to invest in EEVE but you have no obligation to invest if you pre-register.

Pre-registration can be done here: WinWinner campaign

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