We made it easy.

  • We made autonomous driving and Artificial Intelligence technology for robots easy accessible for you.
  • We made it easy to create custom tools for Willow, mountable on top, in the bottom or in the front.
  • We made it easy to share your invention with others. As well, you can easily buy and use tools developed by others.


EEVE ToolKit equals SDK, API, 3D print files & documentation, supported by a fast growing EEVE community.

The robot revolution.

Our robot is open to makers, developers and everybody with the ambition to be part of the personal robot revolution.


1. The Toolkit gives full access to our robot platform, including the A.I. engine and computer vision capabilities.

2. Design and print your own hardware tools and bring your wildest ideas to life with ToolKit.


All software and hardware tools developed on the EEVE platform can be commercialized through our ToolStore and produced by the EEVE Ateliers.

Pre-register now and get lifetime free access to the EEVE ToolKit.

As an early registrar:

  • you’ll be one of the first to get early access to the ToolKit,
  • you will be able to work directly with EEVE engineers,
  • you will get insights and support that no other developer will ever be able to obtain anymore,
  • you will have so much fun!