Unlocking the power of a Personal Robot.

Suddenly everyone is talking about robots.

Are you ready for me?


Thousands of people have already discovered the Willow personal robot, consumers, hobbyists, students. They are using my sisters to mow the lawn, do surveillance and just for plain fun.


You can use me to help you maintain your yard, guard your property, play games and to invent a number of new jobs for me. This is just the beginning.

What to look for.

Once you’ve unlocked the power of a personal robot, you’ll be using me in ways you’ve never dreamed of. That’s when the capabilities of the robot you buy will really count. You don’t want to be limited by old technology such as a perimeter wire or by blind technology such as a RTK / GPS system.

You’ll want a personal robot, like Willow, that is easy to control and train yourself, just like a pet. You don’t want to settle for a single task robot, you’ll want a robot, like Willow, that is multi-functional.

The more you learn about robots, the more your imagination will demand. So you’ll want a robot that can grow with you as your skill and experience with robots grows. Willow’s the one.

The Personal Robot revolution.

2021 is marked as the very beginning of the Personal Robot revolution.

The ideal moment to start learning how to work with personal robots, while already being helped by your robot in multiple ways.

Teach your family, your kids, your friends more about personal robots because personal robots will give you your time back to do so.

How to get one.

The quickest way is to buy one through our online store.

Or if you want to learn how to work with personal robots, book a session at your local EEVE Atelier by contacting us via support@eeve.com.