The EEVE Master Plan

Wesley Lorrez - 26th of Nov. 2018 (edited for the EEVE rebranding in November 2021)

As you know, the initial product of EEVE is an intelligent lawn robot called Toadi, with extra security and entertainment functions. However, some readers may not be aware of the fact that our long-term plan is to build personal worker robot that will work for all of us at a very low cost. This is because the overarching purpose of EEVE is to help expedite the transition to a sustainable world.

Critical to making that happen are affordable personal robots. That’s why our initial product is the most affordable and efficient multi-tasking robot available. Even so, some may question whether this actually does any good for the world. Are we really in need of a multi-functional lawn robot? Will it actually make a difference to the world situation we live in?

Well, the answer to both questions is: not much. However, that misses the point, unless you understand the master plan alluded to above. Almost any new technology initially has high development costs before it can be fully developed and this is no less true for personal  robots. The strategy of EEVE is to firstly disrupt an existing market, where customers are eager to buy an intelligent solution. And then use that income and core technology to further develop the robot as fast as possible to a personal robot.

I can say that the second model will be the first personal robot of its kind, assisting already a great part in expediting the transition to a sustainable world.

Below you'll find several examples of how personal robots will help expedite the transition to a sustainable world. In big lines they will help in:

  • Reducing pollution (CO2, plastic, garbage & fertilizer).
  • Restoring balance between the production of earth’s resources and human consumption.
  • Reducing unfair working conditions.
  • Cultivating healthy food.
  • Enabling more free time for consciousness and spiritual growth.
  • Creating comfort & pleasure for its owners.

The list below is only a limited, small list of examples about all the opportunities personal robots will bring. A list that will be expanded enormously because the core feature of our robots enables endless possibilities.

That core feature is that our robots are able to deliver manual labor at no cost, non-stop. Through this core-feature we will be able to move away from unsustainable mass-production methods to use the benefits of manual labor in a modern, sustainable world.

In order to keep up with a fast-growing technology company, all free cash flow is ploughed back into R&D to drive down costs and bring the follow-up products to market as fast as possible. When someone buys the current product, they are actually helping to pay for the development of the first personal robot.

Now I’d like to address how personal robots will make the world a better place, by using a few examples to illustrate the outcome of our Master Plan — reducing pollution, cultivating healthy food, restoring the balance between the production of earth’s resources and human consumption.

Core feature = manual robot labor

During the evolution of mankind, we were always looking on how to automate work, taking away manual labor or making it as cheap as possible. Until today. The tide is turned by the arrival of robots. Robots work 24/7 at no cost (or negligible cost) and they bring back the benefits of manual labor, such as local production and non-polluting production. However; this time, it’s manual labor done by robots, not by humans.

Reducing pollution (VOC’s, fine particulate matter, plastic, garbage & fertilizer)

  • Our robot replaces air polluting garden equipment such as lawnmowers, leaf blowers... Today, gasoline-powered landscape maintenance equipment accounts for 43% of VOCs and around 50% of fine particulate matter of all non-road gasoline emissions (source: US Environmental Protection Agency).
  • Our robot will seed, maintain and harvest a vegetable, fruit and herb garden, which will drastically reduce the CO2 emissions in green transport.
  • And since our maintains the garden manually, she can grow vegetables, fruit and herbs without harmful pesticides. This reduces the use of hazardous pesticides.
  • Our robot will be used to transport certain goods and this will reduce the CO2 emissions of goods transport.
  • The sea is heavily polluted by plastic garbage, but also the fields and meadows are. Harmful to the environment in itself, as well as directly to humans because the minuscule plastic particles end up in our food chain. Our robots will clean up the plastic before they end up in our environmental chain by collecting them.

Cultivating healthy food

Our food production has evolved to a mass-production system because of its supposed efficiency. In reality, we witness today that:

  • Roughly one-quarter of the world’s food calories are lost or wasted between field and fork (source: World Resources Institute).
  • Wal-Mart publicized a press release that stated food travels 1500 miles before it reaches customers (adding up a lot to the CO2 emissions by transport).
  • Organically produced foods are healthier but expensive to produce en masse.

Our robots will seed, maintain and harvest a vegetable, fruit and herb garden. He can do this for everyone, locally, at people's homes or at central locations for people who do not have a garden (city people, for example).

Restoring the balance between the production of earth’s resources and human consumption

Today we consume in 8 months all the resources that the earth produces in 12 months. We are losing a lot of resources since our mass production is no longer efficient due to the size it has obtained. Because our robots produces locally, at people's homes, or at central locations for a group of people in the city, she will ensure that there is less loss. On the one hand less loss in transport, on the other hand, because she can work on demand and thus avoid having to throw away excessively produced goods.

Reducing unfair working conditions

Today our economy is largely built on low-wage countries. our robots work 24/7 at a much lower price than the lowest wage exists today. Because our robots are not bound by political boundaries, our robots can be used worldwide to produce locally, at extremely low cost, equally for everyone.

Enabling more free time for consciousness and spiritual growth

Today, in 2018, there is a culture of working hard and being busy all the time. We have evolved to a society driven by performance, forcing us in boxes and unconscious living habits. It is estimated humans are on average only 10% conscious about the actions they take. In the future we foresee a society that lives highly conscious to support a sustainable world. our robots will free up time by working for humans, enabling humans to invest in consciousness and spiritual growth.

In short, the master plan is:

  • Disrupt the lawn-robot market with the first model and generate cash flow.
  • Use the profit and technology to build a first personal robot.
  • Use the profit to build personal robots for all the tasks needed to create a sustainable, healthy, fair and pleasant world for everyone.


A Vision for a Fair and Sustainable World

People often ask me, why EEVE?

Because in the near future, personal robots will become an ubiquitous part of our lives. They will be present in our homes, workplaces, and public spaces, performing tasks we cannot yet imagine. These robots will be intelligent, versatile, and adaptable, capable of performing any task we ask of them.

At EEVE, we have a vision for a world where robots help us create a fairer and more sustainable future. We believe that these robots will play a crucial role in changing the way we produce and consume.

One of the most significant changes personal robots will bring about is the disruption of the way we produce goods. By bringing labor back home, these robots will make it possible to produce goods at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. The global supply chain will shift to a model where we only ship raw materials directly to the customer, and robots will produce the necessary goods directly in your home.

This shift in the supply chain will lead to a drastic reduction in labor costs, making all goods much more affordable. It will also create new opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs who can now produce goods in small quantities with minimal investment.

Personal robots will also revolutionize the way we grow food. They will plant, grow, and harvest vegetables, fruits, and grains, reducing the need for large-scale agriculture. This will enable us to grow our food locally, reducing the carbon footprint of food production and making it more sustainable. These robots will also be able to cook and serve food, taking on the role of a personal chef.

But personal robots will not only focus on production and food. They will be our new personal trainers and coaches, helping us achieve our fitness goals and personal growth. With their ability to learn from our behavior and preferences, they will create customized fitness and wellness plans for each individual user. They will also take care of our physical and mental health, reminding us to take breaks and lower our stress levels.

Personal robots will also accelerate the growth of human consciousness by freeing up time for us to work on ourselves. With robots taking on mundane tasks, we will have more time to devote to personal growth and self-improvement. This, in turn, will lead to a more enlightened and conscious society, where individuals are better able to understand themselves and the world around them.

Personal robots are also key to creating a fair and sustainable world for everyone, everywhere. They will help us achieve expansion beyond our planet Earth and play a crucial role in the survival of humanity and the Earth. By creating abundance for everyone while respecting Earth's resources, personal robots will make it possible to live with over 50 billion people on Earth without destroying it.

At EEVE, we are at the forefront of this exciting future, working hard to make personal robots a reality for everyone. Join us on this journey to create a better world for all.

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