What to expect in the upcoming updates.

last updated: 4th of Febr. 2024

We don't publish dates because it is simply not possible to stick to them. We are making something that has never been done before worldwide, so it is impossible to estimate a realistic timeframe.

Instead, we do the following:

  • We regularly release software updates (about every 2 weeks during the mowing season).
  • We keep you updated on a regular basis about what we are working on. You can read about it on this page.
  • We regularly publish videos showcasing new features. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.


In progress.
The next features we are working on right now.


  • Line-mowing update: Nicely aligned lines and cover the full area of each zone.


  • AutoExplore: Willow will be able to explore each zone on her own and create a highly detailed map of the area. 


  • StarLight Beacons data:  Improve the StarLight Beacon detection with a newly trained neural network based on 10X more data.


  • Improvements to the positioning technology and map building system to achieve higher precision and more accurate maps.


  • Various bug fixes and feature improvements, such as in the connectivity manager.