Willow X - Welcome to the future of personal robots

Do you want to be part of an abundant future for all? We believe robots will be crucial to such a future, and we invite you to write history together with us.

If you are of a certain age, or geeky enough, you may know about the Commodore 64. It was one of the first affordable personal computers that were launched successfully in the early eighties. The people who got one back then bought into the dream of the personal computer. They were the crazy ones who knew early on that personal computers were going to be big.
If you, like us, are convinced that robots will be big in the coming decade, then now is the time to dive into the first truly multifunctional robot platform. We call it Willow X.

Willow X stands for the next stage in the evolution of our development of outdoor robots.

Over the past three years, we built a revolutionary product: a garden robot that autonomously navigates based on computer vision. With over 2000 pieces sold, we will continue to optimize this product for garden care. At the same time, our hardware team is adding a new dimension to this product. With multifunctional ‘arms’ there will be no more limits to the creativity of makers all over the world to develop tools on our platform. Lawn mowing, cleaning patios and pathways, tending your vegetable garden, and many more day-to-day chores will be taken over by your personal robot.

Are we there yet? No, but we are half the way. Our Willow robot already masters outdoor navigation way better than any robot out there. Adding multifunctional extensions (arms) is the next challenge we have taken on. And we are calling upon today’s “crazy ones” to be part of this journey.

 Pre-order your Willow X robot today and join our private community, testing program and be among the very first to get a Willow X delivered in 2024.

Build the future of personal robotics together with us!

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