A robotic mower without a wire, how does that work?

A cordless mowing robot saves you a lot of work. No hassle with digging in a cable. No damage in case of any adjustments in the garden. No replacing the wire over time is required. A lawn robot without wire is so much easier! Find out exactly how it works at Willow.

Most robotic mowers on the market today use a perimeter wire. With such a wire you demarcate your area so that your robot knows where it can mow and especially where it cannot. A classic robotic mower without a wire uses special grass sensors that recognize whether they are riding on grass or not.

In the case of Willow, the robot uses computer vision, which means that the robot sees via a camera where the grass ends, but also, for example, if a toy is on the grass. Willow does not use a GPS! When the robotic lawn mower notices that she is getting to the edge of the grass, she will automatically turn around and go in a different direction.

Advantages of a wire-free mowing robot:

  • No installation required: charge, mow, and done! 
  • Can often mow longer before the battery runs out.
  • When dethatching or aerating you do not have to worry about the wires breaking.
  • Excluding parts of your lawn is a lot easier.

Additional benefits of Willow:

  • She doesn't need to be started or stopped manually
  • She returns to her charging station autonomously in contrast to many other classic robot mowers without wire
  • It recognizes and avoids obstacles, classic mowing robots, either with or without cable, do not.
  • Intelligence navigation without GPS
  • She has a range of up to 3,600m2 and relatively inexpensive compared to other high-end models
  • Quieter than all models on the market (up to 50 decibels)
  • Mows longer on average than classic grass robots; up to 7-9h.
  • Built-in night vision for monitoring from the charging station
  • And ... she is also just really, really beautiful

Especially the laying of the wire is seen by many as a tricky job, especially if you have a large lawn with several obstacles. Especially if your garden contains a pond, some trees or flowerbeds. The biggest advantage when you choose a wire-less robotic mower is that it saves you a lot of time with not having to lay the boundary wire. One hitch and you have a serious job to do. 


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